Photographer/Aerial Photographer

Vincent is one of the most prolific and sought after photographic artists. A Pulitzer Prize winner, he has traveled the world capturing high resolution video and photography in multiple art and commercial categories including aerial, sports, marine, military, lifestyle, news, and portraits.

His book Air is a showcase of his mesmerizing high altitude imagery.

Clients have included Apple, CNNNY Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, New York Magazine, Microsoft, Samsung, Hitachi, Accenture, L’Oreal, Elle, Nivea, GE, as well as the cities of Moscow and Berlin.

For his aerial imagery, Vincent’s aircraft experience ranges from drones to jets. He pilots drones including Freefly Alta, Inspire 1 & 2, Phantom, and Mavic, and has extensive experience photographing out of Jet Rangers, Sikorsky, MD-500, BO-105, Twin-Star, A-Star, EC-130, MI-26, Augusta A-109, and Lear 25B.

A sampling of his work is showcased below.