Vincent is among the most influential pioneers working in contemporary film and photography. His commercial work for well-known brands such as Apple, Nike, General Electric, and CNN, as well as photography work for National Geographic, Vanity Fair, and Sports Illustrated cover a broad spectrum of narratives and subjects. A common thread throughout his work is the blend and balance between cutting-edge visuals and story.

As a visual thought leader, Laforet is deliberate and direct in how he discusses his work and teaches his craft, whether speaking to millions on national news networks like CBS Sunday Morning or working one-on-one with directors and photographers in film and photo shops. He is a popular speaker at photo and film conventions, and is a highly sought after advisor to Silicon Valley companies.

Vincent won a Pulitzer-Prize for his coverage in The New York Times of post 9/11 events in the middle east, and has won three awards at the Cannes Lions International Advertising festival for his commercial work.

His success in traditional media has also made him one of the most recognizable photographers in the world of social media. More than 40 million people online have seen and shared his mesmerizing, high altitude, nocturnal, aerial photos of cities around the world, which have been collected and published in his photography book Air.

Vincent resides between New York City and Los Angeles, and is the proud father of two children.